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Kristin Hummel (PCAE-Aug 12, 2010)

Page history last edited by Kristin Hummel 9 years, 11 months ago

I am glad to share some of the files I have created for the Smartboard.  If you notice something similar to a file you have shared previously, please know I didn't intentionally copy anything - perhaps, however, I was inspired by your genius!  Hope you find something useful for your instruction!!!!


Files from PCAE (Aug 12,2010)


Hand Drumming.notebook (flip chart for teaching rhythm layering)

Tempo - slow vs fast.notebook (p.1 page recorded demo, p.2-slide blue bar to direct tempo)

Vocal Tone Color.notebook (click on flower petal for fun vocal activity - click on bee to return)

Vocal Range.notebook (pp1-5 are instructional, p6 - students notate vocal range - touch/slide notes)

Transposition.notebook (slide C pentatonic scale into position for F scale and G scale)

Telephone Game.notebook (p 1-practice page, pp 2 - slide phone number digits into columns)

Sight Words SMD.notebook (students touch/slide words into scale and sing/read! last pages are "masters")

Rhino Rondo.notebook (touch/slide a rhino from each section to create own melody/rhythm for rondo)

ORFF Explore.notebook (press "play" button to show students aerial view of orff explore directions)

One Sound vs Many.notebook (pull one or more animals out of zoo and students make sounds)

My Rhythm Composition.notebook (p 1-instruction on aaba phrase form, then students touch slide to create)

Meter - 2, 3, 4.notebook (flipchart of symbols to teach/practice/create meter)

Melodic Movement.notebook (press "play" button to demonstrate notation to orff melodic movement)

Martian Language.notebook (travel to Mars, learn important Martian phrases, p7-summary, guessing game)

Long vs Short.notebook (pull out tabs to discover/explore long and short sounds made by a clock, a train, etc)

JAWS - B and C.notebook (practice recorder notes "B" to high "C", slide page cover to right, last page = JAWS!)

Intervals.notebook (uses page animation to demonstrate playing octaves, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, and "Chopsticks")

I Bought Me a Cat.notebook (p1-learn, pp 2-slide matching rhythm,compare/slide away red hidden answer)

Harmony Ice Cream Cone.notebook (flip chart to add harmony parts for singing/orff)

Form - Markings.notebook (pentatonic melody used on 3 pages to teach 1st/2nd endings, DC al Fine, etc)

Dynomite Dynamics.notebook (p1-click on spots to learn, pp2&3-slide spots to show dynamic order)

Dynamics-Storm.notebook (explore storm dynamics with body percussion or other, touch "?" for dynamic)

Dice - Chance Music.notebook (touch front of dice to "roll" - use to create a rhythm/song together)

Diminuendo.notebook (slide red left/right to show dynamic changes in a crescendo/diminuendo)

Conducting.notebook (page animation to guide students while you play piano and/or help students)

Body Percussion.notebook (touch/slide picture into boxes to create 4 beat body percussion patterns)

2nd Grade Program.notebook (use with "Weev'ly Wheat" song and syncopation instruction)

6 8 Meter (program).notebook (uses "Heave Ho, Me Laddies" to teach 6/8 meter rhythms)


Files from PCAE - 2009


Rhythm - Half Notes.notebook (touch/slide rhythms to create 4 beat patterns using half note rhythm)

QuarterEighth 4 beat.notebook (slide rhythms to beat bars for composition - great for teaching "# counting"!)

Pease Porridge Hot.notebook (use to practice quarter/eighth notes, look under screen shade for new rest)

Acka-backa.notebook (practice identifying quarter rest)

RhythmOcean.notebook (early rhythm learners practice clapping syllables of animal names, slide to column)

RhythmZoo.notebook (say/clap name rhythm and slide to correct column)

Rhythm-SoundSilence.notebook (touch/slide non-pitched percussion into beat boxes, practice sound/silence)

Treble Bell Game.notebook (use for flipchart to practice treble clef note names)

Scales (program).notebook (learn scales and I-IV-V chords in keys of C F and G, create root position chords)

MRD notation.notebook (practice notation skills, use to guide class or for individual evaluation)

MRD exercises.notebook (use screen shade to hide exercises to be used in later lessons)

Doggie Doggie.notebook (sight read melody, identify tune, add beats, and use as a Q/A eval)

ORFF Xylophone Bars.notebook (ready to show pentatonic order, adding incidental bars, scales)

Boomwhacker Page.notebook (touch/drag colored noteheads to create ostinato using boomwhackers)

Old MacDonald.notebook(students select which animal to slide into picture to arrange verse order)

Ten Little Frogs.notebook (sing song, have students touch a frog and drag into pool - frogs disappear!)

BINGO.notebook (flipchart to show rhythm/clapping for song)

I've a Pair of Fishes.notebook (flipchart to help with song learning/singing)

K Sea Shell.notebook (visual help to echo sing verses - last page allows students to answer on their own)

Brown Bear (2).pdf (I scanned student work to create our own "Brown Bear" songbook using LSM)

Comments (4)

Betsy Wenger said

at 9:16 pm on Aug 7, 2010

Thanks a ton. THere are lots of things I might use. I plan to get in the classroom this week and this has inspired me.

Stephanie Jones said

at 10:01 pm on Aug 14, 2010

I am really excited by these files - great job! I'm also inspired to get to work on my own - I'd like to create some sight-reading templates and other stuff. I'll post them when I'm done!

Angela Ochoa said

at 11:50 pm on Aug 9, 2011

WOW! AMAZING! The really fantastic thing about all this is not only have you provided a huge base of work but also have inspired me to think of things I can develop for my classroom! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Kandi Stelling said

at 1:30 am on Aug 10, 2011

I, too love what you have done here. When they download for me, the sound isn't coming with it. My flash is up to date-any ideas? Thanks!

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